Assess your treatment & learn about open communication

Once you start taking Ranexa, be sure to keep track of how you are doing. Available resources include the Doctor Discussion Guide and Progress Journal to track your progress.

If your angina is not improving while taking Ranexa, there's more you can do:

  • Talk to your doctor and be honest about your symptoms and how you feel—he or she may want to change your dosage.
  • Consider a follow-up visit with your doctor if you have recently stopped treatment—he or she needs to know about any changes in your angina treatment.

“I'm starting to feel very comfortable with my treatment plan.”

-Robert, chronic angina patient

Remember, you can easily download resources to keep you on track and to continue an open dialogue with your doctor.

Meet patients who understand

See how others, like you, have chosen to help take control of their chronic angina. Explore videos featuring patients’ personal accounts of their treatment journey with Ranexa.

Watch how real patients are managing their angina.

What important information should I know about Ranexa?

Get a better understanding of what Ranexa is and learn about possible side effects that may occur with treatment.

Remember, it's always important to keep your doctor updated if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.

Looking for treatment savings?

For commercially insured patients who qualify, Ranexa Connect offers valuable savings options to use toward your treatment.

See if you may be eligible to save today with Ranexa Connect. Terms and conditions apply. For more details, go here.

Information Safety Information

Who should not take Ranexa?

Do not take Ranexa if: