Getting started with Ranexa

As you begin treatment, your goals may include gaining a deeper understanding of chronic angina and learning how to better manage it.

Our goal in designing this site was to provide you with:

  • relevant clinical data about Ranexa
  • information on safety implications
  • helpful guidance on how to take Ranexa
  • tools to track your treatment progress

Learn how Ranexa treatment may affect you

Be an active participant in your treatment story. Learn how Ranexa may help manage your chronic angina symptoms.

What important information should I know about Ranexa?

Get a better understanding of what Ranexa is and learn about possible side effects that may occur with treatment.

Remember, it's always important to keep your doctor updated if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.

Get specifics on Ranexa dosing

Keep an open dialogue with your doctor for helpful guidance about your medication. Plus, get helpful tips as you start or continue treatment.

You know about taking Ranexa, now access your treatment goals

See how helpful resources may help you take control and stay on course with Ranexa.

Information Safety Information

Who should not take Ranexa?

Do not take Ranexa if: